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thats not fucked up... that has only one name..and only in Russian - PIZDEC!
Did somebody notice chinese people have a long nails?
i have been asking myself for what?! and... shame on me.. i did ask "Why u, guys, have such a long nails???"
the answer killed me without using any knife! "Because of  Feng Shui"


ydivilo - koali daje esli ne spyat, mogyt dolgo naxoditsya v nepodvijnom sostoyanii... xm...poprobovat, chto li? i should read Wikipedia more... maybe then i will be more useful for this world?!

by the way thats nothing abt my attitude, im just pissed now.

a naschet togo, chto starbucks rewil otkazatsya ot zatei pisat svoi brandname - tak eto prosto rewili krasky ne tratit. anyways will talk to strabucks manager tomorrow, might will find out the reason.