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(no subject)
 insomnia...  that is too difficult to start processes of exhibition in the overexcited brain, but slumber is the process of general exhibition of the brain... so, how now?!

many times in my life u have heard these words: "haven't sleep at all, my fucking head ache" and all the same shit.. i was guessing, that those people have a great problems with sleeping, but didnt even imagine that it can very important. but now i understand, cuz insomnia decided to keep me too. so..yeah... by the way, i ve rad somewhere that all that annoying stuff abt bad slumbers we can hear more often when its winter.. 
very popular among the people methods of fighting with insomnia, such as "turning off the phone, breathe a fresh air and etc", dont work out any more. especially with new generation. too much stress, too much nervous, too much technical environment and all that stupid shit.. and of course, we r weak, we cant combat with it. so as a fact in conclusion - insomnia.

Consecutively, we r vampires..
thats bad.. ne kryto, as my good friend always says.

pi.si. pissing me off that i dont have automatic correction of words

oohh, forgot to add - use music.sometimes it helps.