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forgot abt starbucks... shit. oldman memory.. will ask abt it..

ive noticed that u can never be friends with ur past bf or gf. thats stupid paradox. uf u were married before and even u have children - u, probably, can be friends still... but never ever - if it is ur exbf or exgf!


we were good friends, but suddenly he said he is in love with me, and i ..like stupid kyrivca, decided to give him chance.. i thought, if we are really good friends, so we can be very good couple...
such a stupid and foolish thought was in my sick head.

but now i know - i have spoiled oyr friendship. actually, i dont care at all... but it pissing me off, cuz now we cant even say "hi-bye" normally.

Malaysia is that country, where different cultures became so stupidly same...
have u seen before muslim women, who covers hears and all that, but the feet r open and even nails on its - r polished?!
or she covers hears, but still looks very sexy in her tight jeans... 
no, actually i really like this type of religion, cuz the behavior is still good and very polite, and quiet close... so. guess, Malaysia is country where i can live.

Rambutan is very famous fruit here. strange, that i haven found it yet...hmm...
Durian. ooohh... smells like shit!


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